Why is Facebook Marketing so Powerful??

Imagine this scenario: What if you could send ads to only the most qualified prospects, who probably already want or need your product?

What if you could quickly and cheaply find out exactly what message those people respond to?

And what if you could continue lowering your price to acquire a customer and simultaneously build a list of qualified prospects to market to in the future?

That is exactly what Facebook Marketing allows you to do. (And so much more – we are only scratching the surface.)

Many people feel like Facebook is too social of an environment to sell stuff on, or that their prospects aren’t “shopping” on Facebook.

I used to feel the same way. I avoided Facebook completely and didn’t even use it on a personal basis. I thought it was for narcissists and socialites. I definitely didn’t see it as a massive business opportunity like I do today.

But I found that Facebook Marketing is actually such a powerful business tool, that you really can’t afford to miss out. That’s a bold claim, I know. And for some businesses, it’s not true. For example, if you sell industrial cranes or bulldozers, maybe Facebook isn’t the right platform for you to sell on.

For most businesses, Facebook is an unbelievable tool to get a new stream of Leads, Clients, and Sales.

Did you know you can target the age, gender, income level, education, and even interests (Real Estate, Tennis, Tony Robbins, etc. etc – The list is REALLLLLY BIG)

You can get so targeted with your audience, it’s unbelievable!

And did you know you can test ads against each other to see which one pulls the most response at the lowest cost? Did you know you can do that as many times as you want, finding the perfect message?

You can do the same with the images for the ads, and the age groups and gender. I recently cut the cost of conversions in half for a client by adjusting the age and gender of the targeting and split-testing image conversions – What would it feel like for YOU to cut your cost per conversion in half?

If you are on the fence about whether or not Facebook Marketing is a good fit for your unique situation, apply for a one on one call with me here, and I will give you a straight answer as to whether it’s a good fit for you or not.


To Your Success,

-Brett Smith

Reliable Marketing Inc.