Isn’t Facebook Just About “Likes” And Cat Videos?

Here’s a list of the some of the things I’ve seen in the last month on Facebook.

  • A post about someone’s new baby.
  • A video of a bird playing peek-a-boo.
  • And a video mashup of Donald Trump saying “China” a billion times.

Now here’s a list of things I’ve done on Facebook in the last month…

  • I used a discount code from a company’s Facebook page to place an order I wouldn’t have placed otherwise!
  • I purchased a book, which led to me purchasing a $500 product from the same business 10 days later! (my first time ever doing business with them!)
  • I placed an additional order for a holiday basket, from Harry & David, for a new client because they retargeted me and reminded me!
  • I changed the brand of a Christmas present I was going to buy for someone because of the product’s marketing on Facebook!
  • I signed up for a company’s webinar that will help me grow my business and probably lead to me using their software! (a $5000+ sale for them)


Sometimes as business owners we fall into the trap of thinking things like “My customers are just not like that.” or “Well, I don’t do that kind of thing on Facebook.” and then applying this to our decisions.


But the numbers are in folks! Facebook now has over 1.5 Billion monthly active users! There are only 8 billion people on the planet and many of them don’t access to Facebook. Heck China has Facebook blocked so that 1.5 Billion people not included in that number right there!


My parents are on Facebook, my doctor is on Facebook, grandparents, teachers, mechanics, purchasing managers, even Obama and Trump are on Facebook. Your customers are on Facebook, maybe not all of them but a significant portion of them.


We’ve been able to get profitable results on Facebook for an insane collection of clients. Sometimes we have to vary our approach but for 99% of businesses, success is more than possible!


And if you had doubt before that’s great! Easily discredited markets are usually the fastest to tap into because no one else is marketing to them! You’re probably sitting on a gold mine!


You see I used to feel like Facebook was just a place for “likes” and cat videos. I felt like a business would have to be crazy to waste time and money marketing on it! However, what I found was that from a marketing perspective, Facebook is extremely powerful! I’d even go as far to say that it’s the most powerful marketing platform we have available to us as business owners today!

If you’ve got a good product your customers will love you for getting it in front of them! Facebook marketing just lets you do that for a significantly lower cost! Why? Well for one it’s because many people still discredit its advertising potential and two you can target extremely effectively only the people you want!


A highway billboard get’s seen by every single motorist that drives by. If it’s for a Rolex, odds are only 1 in 1000 people driving are even remotely interested in buying a watch like that, and only 1 in 1000 of those people are going to go out of their way to buy one after seeing a billboard for it. The same is true for gyms, lawyers, amusement parks, and on and on.


Billboards work, but it’s a sifting through the dirt to find the gold method that can be very costly.


The power of Facebook is that if you want to sell a Rolex to married men, over the age of 40, who are highly paid professionals, who drive a luxury car, and shop in jewelry stores, you can! It’s like searching for gold in Fort Knox!


Imagine how much more powerful that Rolex billboard would be if it was on the one highway leading into Los Angeles from a neighborhood with only 5 million dollar plus homes versus one on the eight-lane super commuter highway leading into New York City.


On Facebook the amusement park could target only 16-25 year old younger adults, the lawyer could target businesses in his area, the gym could target anyone who likes fitness and has paid for a gym before.


Can you think of a way this would help your businesses marketing? Imagine if all of the successful marketing you’re doing now could be directed at people exactly like your ideal customer! People who you’ve never met before, and have never done business with you.


But let’s say you’re right, and that most of your customers don’t use Facebook. Even if only 10% of them use Facebook you’ve got a massive audience of people in the United States or even locally who you can market to with surgical precision.


I hope this post has given you some new possibilities for your business. If you have any questions about how specifically Facebook Marketing could help you feel free to set up a FREE Strategy Session with us by calling 1-800-267-9251. We will cover exactly how to find your customers and clients that use Facebook, what to put in front of them, and overall how you can tap into the potential of Facebook Marketing to drive leads and sales into your business at a lower cost for higher profits!


Talk soon,

– Patrick