The Incredible Facebook Gold Rush

Take a second and imagine you’re a prospector in early days of the gold rush. You’ve heard about all of the gold being dug up in California, and you want to see if fame and fortune can be yours too!

Alright, so you’ve made a decision, you’re excited and ready to go. To succeed, you realize you’re going to need two things. First, you’re going to need to find gold, and second, you’re going to need to figure out how to get that gold out of the ground!

One of those obstacles is obviously bigger than the other. I’m willing to bet that all of the guys and gals who found gold were able to find some way to get it out of the ground. If they couldn’t do it themselves, they’d bring in experts, hire workers, even dig with their hands to get the job done, but it would have been done.

So, in the gold rush, the biggest obstacle was actually just finding the gold!

You’d have to be crazy to strike gold and say, “Oh, you know what, I just don’t know how to get this out of the ground… better go home…” If the only thing you needed to do to strike gold, were to dig in the very spot you were already standing, I’d suggest you stop reading this right now and start looking for a shovel. And, that’s exactly why Facebook Advertising is currently the greatest opportunity available to business owners!

You’re Standing Above A Vein of GOLD And You May Not Even Know It!

Want to know the coolest thing about the Facebook Gold Rush? In the Facebook Gold Rush, gold is everywhere. You can dig beneath your feet, in the same industry you’re in, with the same product you’ve always had, and strike it rich as long as you know how to dig!

When Facebook Advertising got rolled out in I would have said: “Hold off, it’s mostly college kids and higher schoolers on there, and unless you’re the guy who invented those crazy Silly Bands things, there’s going to be no money to be made.” That would have been true then, but it’s dead wrong now. Now both my parents are on Facebook, my doctor is on Facebook, even my Grandmother is on Facebook. Regardless of your industry, chances are your customers are on Facebook.

New marketing mediums typically follow the same patterns. In the early days of any advertising platform, there’s always less clutter, it’s easier to stand out, and there are fewer rules. Facebook is already starting to crack down, and the prices we’re seeing across the board are increasing, so the window of opportunity is closing.

That doesn’t mean Facebook won’t be a profitable advertising platform in 5 – 10 years, it just means the incredible cost person lead we’re seeing today will no longer be as incredible.

Entire businesses were built in the early days of Adwords, and before that television and print. The marketing gold rush of the 2010’s is and will be Facebook. The best part for you is that anyone in this gold rush can strike gold if they know how to dig! (Oh, and you don’t have to move the family across country in a cloth wagon anymore either.)

The only question now is are you going to start digging yourself or hire experts with the proper tools, strategies, and experience to get you to the largest, and most profitable vein of gold possible in the shortest possible amount of time.

I promise you there is gold in marketing your business on Facebook. Depending on your industry or business, you may have to digger deeper than others to find it, but it is there. Just make sure that if you start digging, you don’t stop three feet before you hit it!

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